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Phaedon Kaloterakis* in an interview for the project “Rules of Life” tells about the most important things in life. How not to lose passion for what you do and how to be enthusiastic at 61, how the economic crisis affects addictive behavior, as well as music, poetry and sports.

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Phaedon Kaloterakis has been working in drug addiction treatment since the early 80s

When we talk about Greece, especially about Ancient Greece, we have associations. Usually it is mythology, the Olympic Games, philosophy, democracy, maybe something else. The rich heritage of Greece has benefited many nations. We hope that today we will be able to take something from you.

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Footballer Bryan Idowu for the interview project:

Personally I am lucky in sad moments and in stressful situations: first of all I am surrounded by good people but I also try to think positively.

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We are continuing the interview project “Life Rules”. In this project we tell human stories about famous people. We are interested in what drives them in minutes of victories and defeats, who inspires them and why they do not give up. We consider that their experience and their opinion can help those who want to change their way of life and refuse from pernicious drug use and other addictions. (more…)

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