About us

Our mission is to revive cultural and moral family relationships and values in Bulgarian society.

Our philosophy is as following: «Children, obey to your parents in Jesus Christ, since justice requires this. Respect your father and mother, this is the first commandment with promised: let it be blessed and one will be longstanding on Earth. (more…)

«Revansh» public organization started its activity as a the initiative group in August 2012 by opening the rehabilitation center for alcohol and drug addicted in Sofia, Boyana block. The project was aimed at exclusively citizens of Russia. During 2,5 years rehabilitants of the center were about 60 persons. (more…)

The problem of drug addiction is familiar firsthand. What initially seemed to be only a small hobby turned into a serious problem that affected relationships within the family, health, learning and, in general, further perspectives in this life. (more…)