Everything flows. EFTC 2019. Notes in the margin.


Ancient phraseology “Everything flows, everything changes” gave its name to the 17th conference of the European Federation of Therapeutic Communities (EFTC) – Everything flows. Most likely, its primary source was the words of the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus. Moreover, the connection between the epochs was carried out in ancient Thessaloniki (Greece). Also it was hosted by Kethea and Argo.  EFTC2019 delegates were about 400 persons.

"Everything flows, everything changes." Conference guests.

Not only from Europe. Moreover, there were guests from Singapore, Brasilia, USA and Australia. As Mr. Phaedon Kaloterakis joked during his presentation, all parts of the world were present except for Antarctica because there were no Therapeutic Communities (TC) there.

Various agendas, huge amount of delegates and guests. More than one time during the presentations the word “family” was mentioned. That is why even the most important guests were in walking distance and open for communication. Mr. George De Leon is the recognized international expert, professor of the University of New York; Mr. Gilberto Gerra – the chief of Drug Prevention and Health Branch, UNODC and others. If one needs writing on everything, it will take a lot of our time. That is why in brief, in summary and about most important.

Trainings and education

Two days prior to the conference there was a good opportunity to attend training. It was organized by World Federation ТС (WFTC) together with the Aristotle University Research Dissemination Center (KEDEA). The training was held by the personnel of Amity Foundation (USA) Mr. Rod Mullen and Mrs. Naya Arbiter, as well as Mr. Rowdy Yates and Mrs. Kathleen Yates from Scotland. The training consisted of didactic (lecture) material and experimental work (work in small groups).

If you are not ready to study and develop oneself, it is better to become the bus driver.

"Everything flows, everything changes." Training perticipants.

Mrs. Kethleen Yates spoke about the importance of training and self-education: “If you are not ready to study and develop oneself, it is better to become the bus driver”.

Several important moments on the work of Therapeutic Society:

  1. Challenge & frustration. Keeping during the treatment the optimal level (negative tonus) of frustration allows to achieve the necessary therapeutic effect.  
  2. No staff, all are TC members. This means that everyone, both clients and personnel participate in the life of TC on equal terms.
  3. The ceremonies represent a sanctuary. In the technical sense the ceremony is used for neutralization and prevention of alarm. The ceremony plays huge role in achieving pronounced therapeutic effects. Thus TC becomes a place offering defense and security.   

Besides TC is an excellent way of prevention. Treatment for the adults leads to prevention for their children. And this in turn teaches parents how to be.

The conference and presentations

Mrs. Sushma D. Taylor, the president of WFTC noticed that: “In TC the basic needs must be met according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: security, love, care, attention, being a part of something, etc.”. Therapeutic Community is a unique society for studying the right way of life for “problematic people”.

What if we see only the worst, this destroys our ability to do something.

"Everything flows, everything changes." Conference guests.

Mrs. Naya Arbiter in turn said: “What if we see only the worst, this destroys our ability to do something”. By the way, besides the keynote sessions presentations of projects that are realized in Therapeutic Communities were held in parallel. Generally speaking the basic ideas for working in TC were sports, nature and culture. Evidently, such projects as recovery through sports and football (KETHEA, Greece), through hiking (PHOENIX HAGA, Norway) and through nature (PHOENIX FUTURE, England) will play important role in the work of TC.

Besides, also cultural activities are used in treatment. This is because culture is very important for people. This was the topic of one more presentation from Norway where professional musicians and writers together with members of TC participate in the cultural life region-wide and country-wide. The project (PROYECTO HOMBRE, Spain) where the main motive is social adaptation of people after the major phase of treatment, was also demonstrated. People are given jobs, they own their restaurants, or they help them to find a job .

Everything flows and everything changes, thus the president of EFTC was changed. Mr. Fedon Kaloterakis changed Mr. Rowdy Yates in this position.  

Аξιος! Axios! Worthy!

Photos taken from web-site https://www.symvoli.com/

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