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There are nearly 300 thousand alcoholics in Bulgaria, all of them requiring serious and long-term medical treatment. According to official data over 40000 people in the country use heroin. According to data dated of 2012 nearly 370-440 thousand citizens of the country aged between 15 and 64 years old at least once in their lives tried some drug substance. According to National strategy of struggling with drugs of Bulgaria Republic of 2014-2018, large attention is paid to initial precautions of drug addiction among children and youth.

2 programs created aimed at work with these age-related groups, 27 Prevemtive Informational Centers are opened in the country. According to National Center of Drug Addiction 24 medical centers participate in treatment and psychological rehabilitation of people with «problematic» addiction; also 10 programs of psychological social rehabilitation function which include the “therapeutic society” model.

According to information gained at «Therapeutic Society as Effective Model of Addiction Treatment» press conference, only 1,4 % of all addicted people wish to receive medical treatment. This shows a very low motivation of addicted people to recovery.



The project is aimed at informing of those who suffer from drug addiction and alcoholism of depth of problem and for motivation of them to abstinent life, well as people surrounding them who live on the territory of Sofia. Groups and consultations with addicted people are held on regular basis. We support those people in their rehabilitation.

Also we support morally parents and people close to them. We regularly held lessons and consultations for them. Besides on the web-site in «Real stories» section real stories of people who won the disease are posted.



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