“5:0 za horata”: an initiative that helps


“5:0 za horata” («5:0 in our favor»): how does one initiative which has united over 200 people from different countries can help people with addictions? We will try to explain that!

5_0 za horata
participants of the tournament “5: 0 za horata”

The fifth football tournament “5:0 zahorata” was held in September. This project really helps people that are addictedto alcohol and other narcotic substances. Yet one can hardly solve all theproblems.

1:0. Idea of Tournament: we can more together

By uniting our efforts with the “Novo Nachalo” Therapeutic Community we want to apply the leading practice in working with drug addicted people. First, we create conditions for increasing the motivation of people with addictions to the sober way of life through sports. Second, we change attitude of society to addicted people. And third, we promote sports and healthy way of life not only for people with addictions but also for youth.

one of the participants
one of the tournament participants

2:0. From theory to practice: how tournament helps people with addictions

The tournament is organized by ex-addicted people who know this problem from inside.

People that have a long period of sobriety participate in the tournament together with those who make only first steps in life without psychoactive substances. This motivates and inspires the last to follow the example of the first. The “take with the winners” principle.

Among the tournament volunteers are those who are the participants of recovering from addictions. Volunteering for them is a path to gaining self-respect. Self-respect is necessary for self-believe. The believe helps to lead full life without use of psychoactive substances.

Attention from the prominent people (sportsmen, actors and others) helps to overcome barriers in the attitude to people with addictions. The society still considers addicted people to be marginals. But addiction to alcohol and narcotics is not a disease! Not all the people are addicted to drugs and alcohol, but all addicted people are people! This is the motto of this event.

In tournament there take part organizations that use different programs and methodologies of working with people with addicts. Exchange of experience between them is self-enriching.

a fragment of one of the games of the tournament
a fragment of one of the games of the tournament

3:0. Results: numbers say

The tournament is held since 2015. In the first tournament four teams participated, and the general number of participants was nearly 50 persons. In the last “5:0 za horata” tournament eight teams participated, and the general number of participants was over 200 persons. Besides, this tournament became truly international. The attendees were from Bulgaria, Greece, Russia and Ukraine.

the team ofthe kethea ithaki
The team “Kethea Ithaki”, Greece

4:0. Results: people say

Ivaylo Zahariev (an actor): “For me this is the honor to be among them because I know that their strength is truly tested and proved”.

Zhelyaz (co-organizer): “When we are together, we are expanding and can do more”.

Ivo (attendee): “This is physically exhausting but charges you psychоlogically. This is what I need”.

Valentin Iliev & Boris Galchev ( the guests of the tournament)
Valentin Iliev & Boris Galchev ( the guests of the tournament)

Ivelin Popov (football player): “We really need to support such an initiative, because we are all people. The person went the wrong way in his/her life, but you can see that they reform, and we see how to help them. They should not be rejected by society, vice a versa, they are one of us, and you see that they are absolutely normal”.

Petar Zanev (football player): “Sports are teaching us the discipline. Guys that are here, not only them, but also a large number of drugs addicted who made the biggest mistake in their life by becoming addicted to drugs are trying to get rid of this disease. This is one of the reasons why sports that hardens helps them”.

5:0. Epilogue: what is further?

These several years our initiative is supported by National Drugs Center, Bulgarian Football Union and Municipality of Sofia, as well as several commercial companies. They participate in this project and take a part of expenses. To organize the last tournament there was needed 8000 leva (4000 euro).

We came out to such an organizational level that requires the tournament to be held within three days, also groups are held. Not all the planned groups were held because of the small number of organizers.

To organize the next “6:0 za horata” tournament we need money (accommodation of guests, production of the football uniform for participants, rooms rent, banners, etc.). Also, a group of volunteers is required who will take the responsibility of accommodating guests, organizing the groups, etc.

Georgi Donkov (assistant-manager), Grigor Mihnev (co-organisator) & Simeon Slavchev (player of the Bulgarian national foootball team)
Georgi Donkov, Grigor Mihnev (co-organisator) & Simeon Slavchev

To hold such a big event, we need supporters who will be ready to help with such an initiative. Together we will do more!

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